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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Top 5 Performers in Week 11

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Top 5 Performers in Week 11

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers played a rematch against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The first time these two teams played the Falcons ended up winning and also ended the season for Buccaneers premiere running back Doug Martin, but this time the game ended a little differently.

The Buccaneers came out to show that they’re a different team than they were four weeks ago. The Buccaneers got off to a slow start in the first quarter only getting a field goal, but in the second quarter the Buccaneers turned up the heat. After a few touchdowns from Bobby Rainey as well as a pick-six from Mason Foster the Buccaneers would take a 24 to 6 lead at halftime.

In the third quarter the Buccaneers would not relent putting up two more touchdowns with Mike Glennon feeding Rainey and Vincent Jackson.

The game would slow down in the fourth quarter as the Buccaneers would only hit a field goal and the Falcons would lower the lead to a thirteen point deficit, but with the Buccaneers' massive lead it became impossible for the Falcons to stage a comeback as the game would end with the Buccaneers winning their second game of the season.

Many weeks ago coach Greg Schiano's job may have been on the line, but if the Buccaneers can continue to win games then Schiano might actually have a shot into next season.

Regardless of their injuries, the Buccaneers have finally seemed to click with a surprisingly powerful rush offense, a vertical passing attack, and had a near unstoppable defense. The Buccaneers right now are playing at their best, and if their record didn’t matter they might actually have the talent to reach the playoffs.

There were several players today that the Buccaneers could not have gone without, and these players were vital to the difference in this game. Here are your Buccaneers top five players of the week.

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5. Mason Foster

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Mason Foster left the game in the second quarter with a concussion which kept him out the remainder of the game, but before his injury Foster had three tackles with an interception that he would take 37 yards for a touchdown. Foster’s interception created a massive shift in momentum as the Buccaneers would take a 17 point lead over the Falcons.

This was Foster’s second interception of the season -- the first was against the New Orleans Saints which he also returned for a touchdown. It’s apparent that Foster obviously knows what to do with the ball when he gets it.

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4. Gerald McCoy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Coming into this game Gerald McCoy only had three sacks on the season. Sunday he would double his sack total by getting three additional sacks in just the first half. McCoy had two sacks back to back in the Falcons' opening drive of the game. The Falcons were going into the red zone, but McCoy’s two sacks forced the Falcons to punt on fourth down.

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3. Mike Glennon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Mike Glennon had arguably his best game of the season with over 230 yards while going 20-for-23 with an 87 percent completion rate. Glennon averaged ten yards each completion throwing a few deep passes to Vincent Jackson as well as a few 20-yard gains feeding Tim Wright and Tiquan Underwood.

Glennon has stepped up for the Buccaneers, and he may be the guy for many years to come if he can continue to improve his game.

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2. Vincent Jackson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Vincent Jackson had ten receptions which ties his career high for most receptions in a game. This is the second time Jackson has had double digit receptions this season. Jackson had a few beautiful catches this game with a nice snag over Asante Samuel for a 47-yard bomb and also caught a fade in the back of the end zone which would add to the Buccaneers' massive lead in the third quarter.

A smart thing about Glennon is that he knows to rely on his play makers, and that is what he has done giving Jackson one of his best seasons in the NFL. Jackson’s career high for receptions in one season is 72, and right now he has 56. As the Buccaneers have six games left in the season it seems that Jackson will surely break 70 receptions.

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1. Bobby Rainey

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Two weeks ago Bobby Rainey was just some running back that had been cut by both the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns, but after being signed by the Buccaneers Rainey seems to be on top of the world.

Sunday would be a day to remember for Rainey as he would get the ball 30 times, rushing for over 150 yards, and had two touchdowns -- one of which was taken for 43 yards. Rainey is having the time of his life at Tampa right now, and with Doug Martin and Mike James out for the season Rainey will continue to be the go to guy at running back.