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5 Reasons Why Indianapolis Colts Will Win the Super Bowl

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5 Reasons Why the Indianapolis Colts Will Win the Super Bowl

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Every once in a while, there's a team that comes from nowhere and wins the Super Bowl. They are steady all season, they show signs of weakness, but they work hard and improve, leading to a hot streak of form that finishes with them lifting the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl. It can be hard to identify which team will make this push, but so far it looks like the Indianapolis Colts could be that team.

The Colts have it all from star players, an all-round solid team and a great blend of experience and youth. Teams that go on to win the biggest prize in the world need many qualities, and although it's early, the Colts appear to have many of these qualities ticked off already. They are 7-3 and have been criticized for many aspects of their play so far this season. This makes you wonder -- if they can improve (and they evidently will), just how far can they go?

The Colts look like a certainty to make the playoffs with only a massive collapse full of losses able to stop them, so it's where they go from there that's the question. As proven in the past, Andrew Luck and his team are great when the pressure is on (as seen in their many comeback victories). A large part of playoff success is often built off of good luck, momentum and knowing what it takes to win football games when it really matters. The Colts have all of this and more -- here are five reasons why they will win the Super Bowl.

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5. They Have Trent Richardson

Pat Lovell- USA TODAY Sports

The Colts believe highly in running back Trent Richardson, but it's fair to say he's struggled to live up to his hype so far. In T-Rich, Donald Brown and the newly-signed Chris Rainey, they have serious running ability. The Colts are winning easily without quality games from their backs, but imagine how good they will be if they step their game up?

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4. Linebacker Robert Mathis Leads the League in Sacks

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Robert Mathis is one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and he leads the league with 14 sacks. With that kind of production, any opposing quarterback will find it tough to beat the Colts.

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3. Chuck Pagano is One of The NFL's Best Coaches

Jim Brown- USA TODAY Sports

Chuck Pagano has proven that he is an elite NFL head coach. Great coaching will win games, especially when it really counts. Expect Pagano to ensure that the Colts go far enough.

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2. Reggie Wayne Will Help, Whether Injured or Not

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When Reggie Wayne got injured and was ruled out for the season, it's fair to say the Colts were worried. But, they've managed without him. If he makes it back for the playoffs, the Colts will have one of the best receivers at their disposal; if not, they will have an extra coach on the sidelines. Either way, Wayne will be able to help their Super Bowl pursuit.

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1. They Have an Elite Quarterback in Andrew Luck

Jim Brown- USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck is still young and always improving, but there's no question of his status in the NFL. He is an elite quarterback and has won many games with his great performances. With Andrew Luck leading your offence, you always have a chance of winning big games, including the Super Bowl.