5 Things We Learned from NFL Week 11

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5 Things the NFL taught us during week 11

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Week 11 in the NFL has come and gone and again we have more questions than answers. For instance, are we dealing with replacement refs again? Their were several calls this weekend that dramatically effected games and possibly some playoff races.

In the New Orleans and San Francisco game, there was a late personal foul call against the 49ers defense that allowed the game-winning drive to continue.

During the Kansas City and Denver game, a questionable non-call happened. With Denver up 17-10 in the third quarter, Kansas City had a third-down play. Alex Smith dropped back and threw an incomplete pass. After looking at the replay, though, there was a reason it was incomplete. The Denver defender wrapped his arms around the receiver and prohibited him from making the catch. It appeared the receiver would have been able to get the first down and possibly ran for a lot more yards. Instead, they had to punt the ball and Denver marched down the field to take a 24-10 lead. Ultimately they won the game, but not before Andy Reid made sure they heard all about his take on that play.

On Monday night, Tom Brady got the ball with 59 seconds left in the game and down by four points. Doing what he does, he marched his team down the field and put them in a position to win the game. With three seconds left, Brady put the ball in the end zone looking for his tight end Rob Gronkowski. The pass was intercepted, but a flag was thrown for an apparent pass interference. However, after a conference between the officials, they picked up the flag and waived off the interference call. Officials, past and present, have defended the call. Everyone else outside the state of Carolina doesn't understand how that's not a pass interference or holding on the defense. At the very least, New England should have been awarded at least one other play because of the defense.

Enough with the officials, though, let's move on to the five things we learned from the NFL this week.

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5. Game of the weekend: Part 1

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Take out the controversial calls and the game between the 49ers and the Saints lived up to all the hype. With the game tied at 20, Drew Brees did what he had to do to march down the field and give his team a chance to kick the game winning field goal.

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4. Game of the weekend: Part 2

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The Chiefs came into Mile High with a 9-0 record, while the Broncos were sitting at 8-1. The two teams hadn't played each other this season and the game lived up to the hype. The Broncos walked away with a 27-17 victory, but they showed the AFC and the rest of the NFL they are a force to be reckoned with. The two teams have a rematch in two weeks.

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3. Game of the weekend: Part 3

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There's no bigger stage than Monday night football and Cam Newton showed the world he's ready to play. The third-year quarterback drove the Panthers down the field for a game-winning touchdown in the final minutes of the game. It's a shame we've spent more time talking about the call that wasn't rather than the drive that was.

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2. The wild, wild East?

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That's right, don't adjust your glasses or contacts. The Philadelphia Eagles are now in first place in the NFC East. This seemed like a division in which the Dallas Cowboys should run away with but, in typical Cowboys fashion, they've played .500 ball and allowed the rest of the division to catch up.

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1. And the Oscar Goes to...

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Mother Nature. Once again, mother nature shows the football world that she's still ultimately in control. Perhaps she has a problem with the Ravens too. This is the second game this year in which they've been involved and there's been some kind of delay. Perhaps they angered the football gods when they traded players after winning the Super Bowl. Or perhaps they've just run into a series of bad luck.