Adrian Peterson is Merely Saying Right Things With Backing of Christian Ponder

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
USA Today Sports

Adrian Peterson has been connected to Eric Dickerson a lot over the past year. It started in 2012 when Peterson came close to breaking Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. Ultimately, AP fell short of the mark by nine yards and now there’s no way he’ll even come close to 2,000 yards in 2013. Dickerson recently spoke out on Peterson and suggested that quarterbacks are holding the game’s best rusher back.

Christian Ponder‘s struggles have been well documented over the last couple of seasons and this season things have really gotten out of control. The Minnesota Vikings have started three different players at QB and none of them have taken control of the job.

Because of the the state of the Vikings’ QB position and Dickerson’s comments, AP was recently asked about Ponder. As you would expect, Peterson responded in true professional fashion:

“I don’t feel like last week I was as consistent as I needed to be, but it doesn’t show up as much because I’m not throwing the ball 30 times. When you’re inconsistent at quarterback and you get it picked off, that stuff gets highlighted. As a running back, when you miss a hole, it gets overlooked at times. I’m not as critical of the quarterback position because I know how much comes with it and I know how much scrutiny comes with it and how they are viewed in the public eye.”

AP did the right thing here by putting the blame on himself. He deflected criticism of Ponder and did what a pro is supposed to do. But we all know he’s just saying the right things. There can’t be anyone more frustrated with the QB problems in Minnesota than Peterson.

Dickerson is right, it’s time for the Vikings to get a different QB. Whether they go to the draft to find one or if they look across the league to possibly make a trade for one, it really doesn’t matter. AP needs help and he needs it soon.


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