Atlanta Falcons' Thomas DeCoud Dumb to Fire Back at Angry Fans

By Sarah Woodall
Thomas DeCoud
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It is obvious that the Atlanta Falcons‘ season has taken a turn for the worst and as a result, the fans are frustrated as well. Usually, there is a code of conduct that the players and coaching staff on any team is expected to follow when a team is down in the dumps, which is to not let the public see them sweat.

Unfortunately, Pro Bowl safety Thomas DeCoud did not get that memo. Yesterday, DeCoud decided to vent his frustrations on his Instagram account, and this is what he said:

“By no means am I sittin here acting like I’m ballin out there…but if you don’t know those three things I stated…you really have no room to talk…”

One of the three points DeCoud mentioned in his latest post was that he does not care how much football the fans “think” they know, and that “there is a lot more going on than they can fathom.” While I applaud DeCoud for using correct grammar and voicing a complete thought, he was wrong to even post that type of remark.

One of the hosts on 680 The Fan made a good point this morning, mentioning that DeCoud is the one with the NFL paycheck and he is the one actually playing the game, and I completely agree. DeCoud forgot the tiny little detail that he is in fact a “professional” athlete, and a professional must stay composed no matter the circumstances. There are always going to be those individuals hiding behind a computer screen constantly criticizing the actions of others.

In a way, I can understand where DeCoud is coming from, but in reality, he can’t make statements like that. Those type of rants can create unwanted distractions for an already struggling organization.

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