Baby Born With Broken Collarbone Named After Aaron Rodgers

By Andrew Fisher
Aaron Rodgers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We all know somebody who has named their child something questionable. It happens every day, but the weirdness of the names fluctuate greatly depending on the parents. Well, the parents of a newborn boy in Green Bay just got real weird when determining a name. Because their son was born with a broken collarbone and they also happen to be Green Bay Packers‘ fans, the parents decided to name their child Aaron Roger Dryer.

Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently on the shelf with a broken collarbone, so I guess they just saw the name as a natural fit.

The name is fine and it actually sounds good, but I just don’t subscribe to the theory of naming kids after sports stars or sports-related things. It’s one thing if you’re actually related to someone or you know them, but naming a child after the QB of your favorite team just seems weird to me…

As far as Rodgers the QB is concerned, he’s trying to make it back by Thanksgiving. The Packers need him in the worst way too, as they’ve lost three straight games following his injury. It’s clear that he means more to the Packers than almost any other player does to their given team.

The only good news for Green Bay is that the lowly Minnesota Vikings are rolling into Lambeau Field on Sunday. Scott Tolzien is good enough to take down a bad Vikings’ team and then if all goes well, Rodgers could be back in time to save the season the following week.


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