Chicago Bears Rumors: It's Possible Jay Cutler Doesn't Return in 2013

By Ryan Heckman


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Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has had a pretty tough few weeks. After tearing a groin muscle, Cutler returned to the field only to endure a high ankle sprain in a game that people are saying he made the mistake of starting in the first place. In a season where the division title is still realistically very well within reach, the Bears and Cutler aren’t sure where his status currently sits.

Cutler said Monday that he wanted to return by December 1st in a game against their divisional rival Minnesota Vikings. But, he also expressed some concern over the severity of his ankle sprain and said that it’s not like any normal high ankle sprain.

“There are a couple of ligaments that we’re a little worried about that’s different than the normal high ankle sprain,” Cutler said, according toPro Football Talk. “There are a few other things involved. If I just had a normal high ankle sprain, I wouldn’t be in a cast. [A cast] helps it scar up and stuff, but the normal high ankle sprain isn’t really a concern at this point.”

The fact that Cutler is in a cast in the first place should be a red flag. The fact that Cutler said himself that he’s worried about ligament damage in his ankle and that there are “a few other things involved,” should be a second red flag. Also, Cutler not giving any more details on just what those other things were should count as the final red flag.

It’s not that Josh McCown hasn’t been fantastic as a fill-in starter, but the Bears simply won’t win a Super Bowl with him as their starter. Of course, there are many issues on defense needing fixing — I get that. But, Cutler gives them the best chance to win. I won’t get into that at the moment, but that’s just how it is.

After NFL Network reported that Cutler would start against the Vikings in a couple of weeks, the quarterback said that this report “missed the boat” and that his status will be updated further next week. With no real certainty or confidence in his ankle’s status at the moment, we could be in danger of not seeing Cutler back on the field before the playoffs — assuming Chicago makes it in.

At this point, no one knows just how severe the “other things involved” are. But, this is a situation growing much more worrying as the days go by without a concrete status of that ankle. Hopefully, for the Bears’ and Cutler’s future contract negotiations’ sake, he can get himself back on the field before too long.

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