Is Nick Foles A Long-Term Starter For Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles has done some magical things the past few weeks. His quarterback rating is tops in the NFL. He has thrown 16 touchdowns compared to zero interceptions. He’s not turning the football over and he is winning football games.

These are the two most important criteria for a quarterback to have success for Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. He is simply balling right now. He is playing above almost everyone’s expectations and has unquestionably won the starting quarterback job for the rest of the year over Michael Vick.

Foles is also showing he can absolutely flourish with his full compliment of players. Remember that he was missing almost all of his offensive line and his top playmakers in DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy last season. He now has protection and a full cast of playmakers, and he is thriving because of it.

Is he the future quarterback for the Eagles? The general assumption was that Kelly craved a running quarterback so that he could fully implement his offense that incorporates a lot of zone-read and read-option concepts. Foles may have put this thought to bed.

Kelly sees that as a misconception. He claims that he has won with every type of quarterback under the sun in his college days. There is no arguing that he has been one of the best at finding ways to adapt and succeed.

That brings us to next year. Do the Eagles pluck a quarterback out of the draft? If Foles has a few clunkers in the next few games, does it change this regime’s thinking? Currently, it looks like Foles is the guy now and going forward. He is simply playing mistake-free football, putting points on the scoreboard and putting up Ws in the win column.

It may not have seemed like it at first, but there is a future quarterback for the Eagles — I believe we are all looking at him.

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