Is Pressure Getting to Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III?

By Michael Terrill
Is Pressure Getting to Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The locker room will always get smaller and smaller when a team that has high expectations only records three wins through the first 10 games of a season. The Washington Redskins are in a difficult spot in which some players are blaming others for the team’s mistakes, while other players believe not enough people are taking responsibility for the dismal performance.

Robert Griffin III has been thrust into the spotlight ever since he arrived in the nation’s capital. After winning the NFC East division last season, the hope was that the Redskins would be able to take it a step further in 2013 under the guidance of Griffin. Even in the worst division in football, Washington is still struggling to stay afloat.

Many players have come to Griffin’s defense after reports have come out questioning his leadership on the team. At the same time, one has to wonder if the pressure is starting to get to the 23-year-old. Leg injury or not, his efficiency statistics are down from last season, which is definitely a concern.

After Griffin took a slight jab at his coaches following the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, another offensive player spoke out about the team. Wide receiver Santana Moss went on 106.7 The Fan’s LaVar and Dukes Show on Tuesday and stated Griffin needs to own his mistakes. The purpose wasn’t to throw anyone under the bus, but rather, to send a message to the entire locker room.

“What I was saying for future references if you’re ever put in a situation — anybody — this is how we can control it so there is no confusion,” Moss told, “because if you nip it in the bud, then you don’t have to worry about that story being turned somewhere else. You’re a standup guy. That’s how it’s going to be portrayed, whether you know you did something wrong or not. ‘I like that dude for what he said because he took it on the chin.’ That’s all you have to do.

“If I’m a quarterback or I’m a leader and I drop a ball, then it’s me no matter how it came or what the other guy did, it’s me. At the time [Tuesday] I was picturing myself being the quarterback and what I could tell you all to stop the madness is the only thing I can say is that at the end of the day I’m the guy last that has to make the play to win it and we won’t. If we won, I’ll say we did a great job. If we didn’t I’m gonna say I have to do a better job.”

Anyone who says the pressure isn’t getting to the Redskins is lying. The team is in desperate need of a win after dropping three of their last four games and failing to register a win against a divisional opponent so far this season. The good news is as long as the locker room states whole there shouldn’t be any major problems.

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