Is Robert Griffin III Becoming Divisive Force In Washington Redskins' Locker Room?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III had some interesting things to say after a divisional loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He claimed the Eagles’ defense knew what was coming and threw a little jab at Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. He also said that on the last play, in which Griffin III inexplicably while backpedaling threw a ball blindly up for grabs, no one got open and that he was rushed on the play.

While both things may have some merit this is not something you say as the leader of the team. Griffin III should be putting the blame squarely on himself if he is a true leader because of the poor decision he made. The throw was awful and of course ended up being intercepted by Brandon Boykin. Also, if you look closer at the play in question, Roy Helu Jr. was running wide open on an option route. Griffin III simply didn’t see him.

For a guy throwing around blame Griffin III should look in the mirror. He has not played up to the level we saw in his rookie year and has frankly made some boneheaded decisions — none more questionable than that final throw. Does this signal a bigger problem for the Redskins?

Santana Moss came out and said Griffin III shouldn’t be pointing fingers at his teammates but rather himself. Moss is known as one of the leaders on the team so that in and of itself is not a good sign. There is also rising speculation that Mike Shanahan‘s tenure as head coach may be coming to an end, and with him, his son would go too.

Right now this is a dysfunctional group. Griffin III is not helping any with his accusations and poor sportsmanship. They say someone’s true colors show when they face adversity and how they deal with it, and Griffin III’s true colors may be showing.

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