Kendall Wright’s Consistency for Tennessee Titans Deserves More Attention

By Cody Williams
Kendall Wright Titans
Don McPeak – USA Today Sports Images

The Tennessee Titans have been the victims of some bad coaching decisions, injuries, and inconsistent play from key players so far in the 2013 NFL season. In some games you see them and think their record should be better than 4-6 and sometimes you see them play and wonder how in the world they ever got to four wins this early in the season.

Obviously Jake Locker’s injuries that will now keep him out for the rest of the season and the Ryan Fitzpatrick backup experiment have hurt the Titans this season, as has the up-and-down production of running back Chris Johnson. However, second-year wide receiver Kendall Wright has emerged as the picture of consistency.

Wright leads the Titans in targets, receptions and receiving yards this season, catching 59 of his 84 targets for 660 yards. What’s been great has been his consistency, though. Taking out week one where he was targeted just four times, he’s been targeted eight times or more in seven games. In all nine of his games he’s had 50 or more yards receiving and has had less than five catches in only one of his last nine games, which was a game where he was targeted just five times.

One of the crazy things about Wright’s consistent production, though, is how few people have taken notice of it. Part of the problem is that he has just one touchdown on the season, but touchdowns for wide receivers are so hit-or-miss as Calvin Johnson will tell you of his 2012 season. Disregarding touchdowns, though, Wright has been fantastic.

In the wake of the Kenny Britt injuries, a lot of people wondered if Wright had the ability to develop into a number one receiver for this team. In only his second season he seems to be showing that he’s more than capable of doing so. In the future as this team gets healthier, possibly shows more consistency, and adds more talent, I expect Wright will only continue to grow off of what’s been a terrific 2013 season thus far.

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