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Mike Tomlin Gives Long-Time Pittsburgh Steelers Fan a Retirement Gift

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Mike Tomlin

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for having one of the best fan bases in all of the NFL. Not only are they loved in Pittsburgh, they also have a solid national following. But we all know the true hardcore fans reside in the Steel City. One such fan is Carol Casey. Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin has gotten to know Casey over the last few years, as she works as a crossing guard on his route work. But after 20 long years, Casey is set to retire.

To show his appreciation, Tomlin got Casey a couple of really cool retirement gifts:

Mike Tomlin


As you can see, that’s an autographed Steelers’ stop sign and a customized jersey. 

I found this to be an incredibly cool gesture by Tomlin. He didn’t have to do anything for a person that he merely waves at every day, but he went the extra mile to show his appreciation for the crossing guard’s fandom.

As for the actual Steelers football team, they’re somehow still alive for a playoff spot this season. It’s been a bumpy road for Tomlin’s team, but they have a chance to get to 5-6 with a win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. I’m still not buying Pittsburgh as a playoff team, even if they beat Cleveland, but you can’t ever count them out. Even though their roster has changed significantly over the past couple of years, there’s no doubt the Steelers still have the heart of a champion.


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