Most Underrated Team in Football: New York Giants

By Christian Nelson
Victor Cruz
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As the New York Giants enter the 12th week of the Regular Season, the Big Blue are on an incredible four-game winning streak after the putrid 0-6 start. The defense is finally looking the part of a playoff-caliber team; the special teams are limiting big plays from the opposition; and the offense is finally starting to click, due to the emergence of the running attack from power-backs Andre Brown, Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis.

The team is preparing for the Dallas Cowboys game this Sunday, and boy do they look like they are poised for a huge upset against Tony Romo‘s squad. The Giants hope to further their goal of grasping the NFC East title, an achievement that only a few weeks ago looked extremely doubtful.

Still, at just 4-6, it is hard to give this team much hope for a spectacular Super Bowl run, as their record speaks for itself. Six losses in the first six weeks of the Regular Season rarely leads to a playoff berth, let alone a Super Bowl bid. But this team is different. We have seen the Giants do this time and time again, and the 2013 season will be no different for the Big Blue.

Let’s take a look first at the defense. With the incredible acquisition of MLB Jon Beason, the team has found a completely new attitude that has shown each and every game the past month, something that Giants fans haven’t seen since LB Antonio Pierce ignited the defense before retiring in 2010.

The rest of the team is feeding off of this high, and players across the board are stepping up their game to limit even the best of offensive weapons in the NFL. The Giants have stopped players of the likes of Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy, Eddie Lacy and Jamaal Charles to severe underachievement of their high standard of play.

Captains Antrel Rolle and Justin Tuck are coming into games each Sunday completely firing up the defense and intimidating the opposition straight out of the game. Immense credit to the success of the Giants as of late is to the tremendous defensive efforts, as well as the secondary playing way better then expected, hugely in part of the decimation of starters due to injury.

The special teams is also stepping up their game each and every week, stopping big plays and keeping things under control. Josh Brown is playing out of his mind right now, and Steve Weatherford is doing his thing, proving to Giants fans that he can be a reliable punter when needed. Though the punt returner job could use a new face to the position, the special teams have vastly improved to keep the Big Blue in games late.

Manning and the Giants’ offense has improved since the appearance of a stable running game. David Wilson, thought to be the answer at RB early in the season, was just too turnover prone and lacked the ability to be an every-down back like originally expected.

The acquisitions of Hillis and Jacobs have added a new toughness to the running attack, and since Brown has been back from injury, the running game is keeping defense’s honest.

The offensive line also deserves some credit for protecting Manning much more efficiently, while providing some great holes for the running backs to burst through for big yardage.

Last, but not least, Manning has finally found his groove as a successful, dangerous quarterback. He now has time to survey the field and find the open man. The emergence of the running game is keeping the defense on their toes, never knowing what to expect. The receivers are seemingly on the same page with Manning, and the passing game is once again a dangerous option.

The New York Football Giants are coming, and their is no doubt about it. Every aspect of this team is finally clicking at the right time, and there is a new desire to fight each and every Sunday for the victory, at all costs. If I were an opposing team facing the Giants, I would be worried. Just watch this team on Sunday; they are playing some of the most inspired football I have ever seen in a team in years.

To the NFC East, and the NFL, the Giants are on their way to playoffs, and nothing is getting in their way. And for first time this season, not even themselves.

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