One Area Green Bay Packers Must Succeed Against Minnesota Vikings

By Michael Terrill
One Area Green Bay Packers Must Succeed Against Minnesota Vikings
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The last time the Green Bay Packers got a win this season was against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football in Week 8. Obviously, the season has changed course drastically as Green Bay lost quarterback Aaron Rodgers indefinitely with a broken collarbone and dropped three straight games. The good news is the Packers are definitely capable of defeating the Vikings as long as they succeed in one particular area.

It’s no secret Green Bay has struggled mightily when it comes to turnovers this season. The Packers’ defense ranks dead last in the NFL in interceptions (four) and they have only recovered five fumbles.

Cornerback Tramon Williams gave the defense a spark against the New York Giants when he picked off quarterback Eli Manning. Unfortunately, it barely made a dent as Green Bay signal caller Scott Tolzien tossed three interceptions, which includes one that was returned for a touchdown that completely changed the momentum of the game.

The issue the Packers are facing is they are unable to get turnovers on defense. It wasn’t a huge deal with Rodgers under center because he takes care of the football. However, Tolzien has made too many mistakes that have allowed the other team to take the ball away. That becomes a huge problem when the defense is unable to counter it with takeaways of their own.

The bottom line is Tolzien has tossed five interceptions in two games whereas Rodgers only got picked off four times all season. I’m not trying to compare a third-string quarterback to a future Hall of Famer. The point is if Tolzien, or the rest of the offense for that matter, cannot keep control of the football then Green Bay has no shot of beating Minnesota.

Not only must the defense come away with a takeaway or two, but also Tolzien must be efficient with his passes. The good news is Christian Ponder has thrown nine interceptions in just 201 pass attempts.

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