When Will Hate Toward Nick Foles Disappear?

By Matt Shaner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

He didn’t kill any dogs. He didn’t come up short continuously or vomit in the Super Bowl when he was needed. He wasn’t a high draft pick that fizzled out. He isn’t a member of the sub-par quarterback club that cycled through the Philadelphia Eagles for decades.  He’s just Nick Foles, a young man putting together quite a string of games this season.

We’ve all heard the stats by now, how he is performing up there with Peyton Manning and the other top quarterbacks in the league. Still, somehow, the hate persists. Listen to any radio station and you’ll find some moron talking about how Foles is not good enough. Search his name and you’ll find negative articles. Why are we so resistant to let Foles do his thing? Chip Kelly stated he will have a meeting with Foles and Michael Vick after the bye week. There is no way right now you give the job back to Vick. Foles has taken it clearly. Yet, log onto the Pro Bowl ballet and his name is not an option.

He’s breaking records. He’s winning games. He’s not throwing interceptions. Is Foles the franchise quarterback for the Eagles? Good question. Does he deserve more than this season to prove his worth? Yes. Think of the building the team could do if they ride with him and focus on other areas of need in the next draft. Foles can run Kelly’s system and do it with efficiency. His mind is faster than his feet and that is what makes him an elite player. He may never grace the cover of a video game, but he deserves a chance and some acknowledgement. We could have the next great quarterback here and, if not, we should still sit back and enjoy the ride. Foles makes this offense fun to watch and, at the present, the Eagles are better under his guidance at quarterback. So, let it go people and enjoy the rest of the season.

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