Who Does Ed Reed Blame for His Departure from Houston Texans?

By Michael Terrill
Who Does Ed Reed Blame for His Departure from Houston Texans
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Most people would agree that whatever happened between safety Ed Reed and the Houston Texans should just stay in the past, especially since he has already played one game with his new team. However, keeping one’s head down and staying busy with the task at hand is not the New York Jets’ way, which is why Reed is speaking out on why he believes he is no longer with the Texans.

“In hindsight, (Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is) probably the reason I’m not there,” Reed said, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“He came in and basically made sure I was leaving,” Reed added.

It really isn’t a shock that Phillips wanted Reed gone after the veteran defensive back made comments about how Houston’s coaches had been outcoached by opponents. The fact is that was merely the final straw in a long line of issues, including Reed’s slow start to the season, which was due to health as well as simply not playing at a high enough level. Not to mention, his 16 total tackles and zero takeaways through seven games isn’t exactly what the organization had in mind when they signed him to a three-year, $15 million contract.

Clearly, the Texans have problems this season and it would be absurd not to include the defense as part of the issue. In fact, Reed believes the defensive scheme is one of the main difficulties Houston is facing this season.

“That defense was not a good fit for a lot of people that are still there, not just me,” Reed told the Baltimore Sun. “The truth is the truth. They know that I know.”

Reed recorded three tackles in his debut with the Jets.

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