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2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Seattle Seahawks Jump Back Into No. 1 Spot

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2013 NFL Power Rankings Week 12

(Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

There's only five weeks remaining in the regular season--so let's take a look at the 2013 NFL Power Rankings for Week 12.

While there were plenty of exciting games to follow last week, the top matchup of Week 12 consisted of the Denver Broncos facing the Kansas City Chiefs. For two teams who appear capable of earning the No. 1 seed in the AFC, the Chiefs certainly put up a good fight on defense, but in the end--the Broncos and Peyton Manning were simply just too much to handle.

Now, the Broncos control their own destiny when it comes to earning home-field advantage in the postseason as the win moved them back into first place in the AFC West, but they still have to face the Chiefs one more time before the regular season ends.

As for the rest of the league, the Carolina Panthers made a huge statement in the national spotlight with their win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. There may have been a controversial call at the end of the game, but a win is still a win as the Panthers proved they belong in the talk of contenders.

Once again, there's plenty of exciting topics to discuss--so let's jump right into the 2013 NFL Power Rankings for Week 12.

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32. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-9 (32)

(Phil Sears/USA Today Sports)

In the first quarter, it looked like the Jacksonville Jaguars were going to put up a fight against the Arizona Cardinals--until they went scoreless over the final three quarters of the game.

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31. Houston Texans 2-8 (30)

(Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)

Make that eight-straight losses for the Houston Texans as they lost another embarrassing game at home to the Oakland Raiders and the frustration is clearly beginning to build up--just look at Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson on the sidelines during the game.

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30. Atlanta Falcons 2-8 (29)

(Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

The photo above sums up what this season has been like for the Atlanta Falcons as they continue to find new ways to disappoint each week--with their latest experience coming against a Tampa Bay Buccaneers that was winless two weeks ago.

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29. Minnesota Vikings 2-8 (28)

(Steven Bisig/USA Today Sports)

Come on--did you really think the Minnesota Vikings were going to win on the road against the Seattle Seahawks? This team had zero answers for the Seahawks on defense--especially when it came to stopping Marshawn Lynch.

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28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-8 (31)

(Kim Klement/USA Today Sports)

After an 0-8 start, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won two in a row as Bobby Rainey (163 rushing yards with two touchdowns) and Vincent Jackson (10 catches for 165 yards with one touchdown) both had monster games against the Falcons.

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27. Washington Redskins 3-7 (25)

(John Gellebter/USA Today Sports)

The Washington Redskins fans are beginning to get frustrated with Robert Griffin III as he threw a costly interception at the end of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Give the Redskins credit for fighting back in the second half, but this team's playoff chances are beginning to disappear right before their eyes.

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26. Buffalo Bills 4-7 (27)

(Timothy T. Ludwig/USA Today Sports)

Talk about an impressive performance on defense as the Buffalo Bills made it a long afternoon for Geno Smith (three interceptions) and the New York Jets. The Bills have been one of the most difficult teams to figure out all season, but at least E.J. Manuel (20 of 28 for 245 yards with two touchdowns) continues to show potential for the future.

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25. Oakland Raiders 4-6 (26)

(Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)

The Oakland Raiders managed to win on the road with Matt McGloin and Rashad Jennings at quarterback and running back against the Houston Texans--that is all.

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24. San Diego Chargers 4-6 (18)

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Five of the six losses by the San Diego Chargers this season have come by double digits as they lost another close one to the Miami Dolphins--which is absolutely frustrating to think about.

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23. Tennessee Titans 4-6 (22)

(Jim Brown/USA Today Sports)

It was no surprise to see the Tennessee Titans fall again after they let the Indianapolis Colts score 20 unanswered points after building a 17-6 lead. It's hard to believe this team looked like a playoff contender a couple of weeks ago as the Titans better figure out a way to turn things around quickly before it's too late.

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22. Cleveland Browns 4-6 (20)

(Mark Zerof/USA Today Sports)

After an impressive first quarter, the Cleveland Browns fell out of the game by allowing the Cincinnati Bengals to score 31 points in the second quarter and miss out on a chance to jump back into first place in the division.

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21. Green Bay Packers 5-5 (19)

(Brad Penner/USA Today Sports)

Oh what the Green Bay Packers would do to have Aaron Rodgers healthy again as they're coming off a third-straight loss--this time to the New York Giants. For a team that was considered the favorite in the NFC North a few weeks ago, this has to be frustrating to watch for Packers fans.

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20. New York Giants 4-6 (23)

(Brad Penner/USA Today Sports)

Obviously, this outcome would have been much different with Aaron Rodgers in the lineup, but give credit to the New York Giants for their fourth-straight win after an 0-6 start to stay in the hunt for the NFC East.

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19. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-6 (25)

(Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports)

With the way this season has gone so far, it was nice to see Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers come through with a big win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

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18. Baltimore Ravens 4-6 (17)

(Rob Grabowski/USA Today Sports)

This was a game the Baltimore Ravens needed to and could have won as Ray Rice (131 rushing yards with one touchdown) finally broke the 100-yard rushing mark for the first time this season.

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17. St. Louis Rams 4-6 (16)

(Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports)

It will be interesting to see how the St. Louis Rams perform after the bye following their impressive performance against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10.

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16. Miami Dolphins 5-5 (21)

(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

This was a must win for the Miami Dolphins against the San Diego Chargers and at 5-5--they're still in the playoff hunt believe it or not.

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15. New York Jets 5-5 (11)

(Kevin Hoffman/USA Today Sports)

It's difficult to figure out Geno Smith (three interceptions) as he's been inconsistent all season for the New York Jets as they had no answers against the Bills. Still, with their defense, the Jets shouldn't be counted out just yet as these final six weeks will be interesting to follow.

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14. Dallas Cowboys 5-5 (13)

(John David Mercer/USA Today Sports)

After their embarrassing loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 10, the Dallas Cowboys may be looking at a must-win against the Giants on Sunday to avoid falling a full-game back of the Philadelphia Eagles in the division.

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13. Arizona Cardinals 6-4 (15)

(Phil Sears/USA Today Sports)

The Arizona Cardinals have been one of the biggest surprises of the 2013 season and give credit to Carson Palmer (30 of 42 for 419 yards with two touchdowns) for another impressive performance.

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12. Philadelphia Eagles 6-5 (14)

(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

All of a sudden, the Philadelphia Eagles may be the team to beat in the NFC East as their defense has looked impressive and Nick Foles continues to play at a high level to help the team pick up their third-straight win.

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11. Chicago Bears 6-4 (12)

(Rob Grabowski/USA Today Sports)

The fact that the Chicago Bears managed to win without Jay Cutler is impressive as Josh McCown came up big once again.

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10. San Francisco 49ers 6-4 (8)

(John David Mercer/USA Today Sports)

At this point, it looks like the San Francisco 49ers will be battling for a Wild Card spot in the NFC after a devastating loss to the New Orleans Saints.

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9. Detroit Lions 6-4 (6)

(Charles LeClaire/USA Today Sports)

A tough loss for the Detroit Lions on the road as they're now tied with the Bears for first place in the NFC North. Still, once again, Calvin Johnson proved why he's one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the league with another impressive performance.

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8. Cincinnati Bengals 7-4 (10)

(Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports)

31 points in the second quarter? That's impressive for the Cincinnati Bengals as they needed this win big time to stay in control of first place in the AFC North.

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7. New England Patriots 7-3 (7)

(Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports)

Whether it was the right call at the end or not at the end of the game, the New England Patriots will be looking back at this game as one they should have won--especially when the playoff seedings are released in the AFC.

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6. Indianapolis Colts 7-3 (9)

(Jim Brown/USA Today Sports)

After their surprise loss to the Rams, it was nice to see the Indianapolis Colts bounce back against the Titans after scoring 20 unanswered points. This team has just as good of a shot to win the AFC as any other team with Andrew Luck at quarterback.

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5. Carolina Panthers 7-3 (5)

(Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports)

For those of you who still didn't believe in the Carolina Panthers before Week 11, it's time to start believing as they made a huge statement on Monday Night Football with a win over the Patriots.

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4. New Orleans Saints 8-2 (4)

(Derick E. Hingle/USA Today Sports)

It wasn't easy and there may have been a controversial penalty towards the end of the game, but the New Orleans Saints came up big when it mattered the most to remain on top of the NFC South standings after their win over the 49ers.

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3. Kansas City Chiefs 9-1 (1)

(Isaiah Downing/USA Today Sports)

Give the Kansas City Chiefs credit for putting up a fight against the Denver Broncos in the national spotlight. If anything, the Chiefs proved they have the defense to compete with the best, but this loss still hurts as they no longer control their own destiny when it comes to winning the division.

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2. Denver Broncos 9-1 (3)

(Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports)

A big win for the Denver Broncos over the previously undefeated Chiefs as Peyton Manning did what he does best to help his team move back into first place in the AFC West.

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1. Seattle Seahawks 10-1 (2)

(Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

Thanks to the Broncos beating the Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks were able to reclaim the No. 1 spot after their win over the Vikings. This team continues to dominate at home and if they can continue to play at this high level--it will be difficult to beat them once the playoffs roll around.