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5 Reasons Why New York Giants Will Win NFC East

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Why Giants will take NFC East Title

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Do the New York Giants really have a shot at winning the NFC East after starting off the season with six straight losses? Well in this division, anything is possible. Over the past four weeks, the Giants have proved that they are legit and are ready to take on anyone.

Big Blue are looking confident in all phases of the game. And fortunately, the NFC East is giving help to this team as this division seems to always be up in the air until the final game of the season. But is there actually a realistic shot for a playoff bid? In this slideshow, we take a look at how the Giants are doing at this time in the season and if this team really has a realistic shot at going all the way to the playoffs. Is Eli Manning doing what he needs to? Do the Giants have the personnel to bring them to the promised land? Through the next few slides, we’ll dissect how the Big Blue is looking for the next six weeks before the postseason.

So the question stands: Is this the year that an 0-6 team makes it to the playoffs? There are many variables that will decide the Giants' fate the next few weeks, and their schedule is looking like one of the most difficult in the league right now. But in recent memory, if there was a team that could do it, it would be the Giants. Well, here are five reasons why the NFL cannot sleep on the Giants in the second half of the season.

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5. The Defense has Stepped Up

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During the regular season for the Giants, the defense has been able to limit opposing running backs' performances and have pressured the opponents to beat them through the air. And the past four weeks even the pass defense has been stellar, and players like Jon Beason, Antrel Rolle, and Jason Pierre-Paul have stepped up to strike fear into offenses each and every week.

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4. Emergence of a Running Game

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With the return of Andre Brown and contributions of Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis, the running game is finally a factor in the Giants offense. Brown is running all over opposing defenses, and power backs Jacobs and Hillis are trucking in the short yardage on the goal line and 4th downs. Not only does this contribute to scoring touchdowns, but it opens up the field to keep opposing defenses honest.

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3. Offense has Limited Turnovers

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Eli Manning and the Giants' offense have done a stellar job limiting their turnovers in their past four wins. Through the first six games, Manning had thrown a total of 15 interceptions. During the four game winning streak? Only two. With an efficient offense comes a successful running game, and with that comes a wide-open field for the two-time Super Bowl MVP to play with.

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2. Tom Coughlin's Brilliant Coaching

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Tom Coughlin has consistently been one of the best coaches in the NFL every single season, regardless of what his record shows. He has a knack for inspiring his players on the sideline and in the locker room. Though some may write him off due to his “old-school” style of coaching, he is a large reason why this Giants team has always contended for a playoff berth and Super Bowl trophies twice in the past six years.

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1. NFC East is Weak

nfc east
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If you’ve even ever heard of the NFL you probably know that the NFC East is consistently one of the worst divisions in football, and typically a 9-7 record can garner a playoff bid. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have practically given away first place, the Philadelphia Eagles are rolling with a no-name quarterback and a nonexistent defense (not to mention a rookie head coach), and the Redskins have too many problems with their face of the franchise in Robert Griffin III with no team chemistry to speak of. The New York Giants are the most stable team in the division, and it’s almost being given to them on a silver platter.