Adrian Peterson Talks NFL Locker Room Culture, Says People Would Be Shocked

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

The Jonathan MartinRichie Incognito fiasco in Miami has really opened a lot of eyes to the culture in NFL locker rooms. A lot of us assumed that things were a little edgy, but some of the things that Incognito allegedly did, are clearly way over the line. But at the same time, you have former players speaking out and saying that the Miami situation is far from typical.

Several current players have weighed in on the topic of locker room culture as well, and now Minnesota Vikings‘ running back Adrian Peterson, has joined the conversation.

“There’s so much that’s said in the locker room that people would go crazy if they knew half of the things we say, but you know what, that’s the world we live in. Half the time it’€™s nothing that’s taken personally, and it’s not really a word (n-word) that’s thrown out there a lot, especially by the opposite race.”

I completely agree with the RB when he says that people would be shocked if they heard half the things said in a locker room. I can’t speak on behalf of football players, but I can speak on behalf of guys in general. When you get a close group of guy friends together, there’s no telling what horrible things will be said. I don’t know why we say some of the things we do, but most of it is stuff I’d never repeat.

There’s just something about being around guys that you work with or spend a lot of time with, that brings out the horrible and over-the-top in all of us. My guess, is that it’s greatly magnified in an NFL locker room.


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