Green Bay Packers’ James Jones Plans to Boo Greg Jennings

By Michael Terrill
Green Bay Packers’ James Jones Plans to Boo Greg Jennings
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We will have to wait until Sunday to find out if Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones was joking around or dead serious about his intentions to join the crowd at Lambeau Field in booing Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings. There is no question the Packer faithful will let the boo birds fly once they spot Jennings run onto the field.

“James Jones on reception for Greg Jennings: ‘A lot of boos. I’ll probably boo.’ #Packers,” tweeted FOX 11 sports reporter Justin Felder.

It’s no surprise Jones feels that way about Jennings after the former Packer made some disrespectful comments about quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the offseason. Several current and former teammates were taken back by Jennings’ comments, while the fan base was outraged that the wide out could make such irrational statements.

Jennings is currently questionable for Sunday’s contest between Green Bay and Minnesota. With that being said, he has told several reporters that he intends to be in uniform. At this rate, Jennings will probably be in a limited role. It appears he more or less wants to step on the field at least once above actually trying to have an impact for his team. The fact is the injury to his Achilles won’t allow him to do too much anyways.

Jennings may think that his return to Lambeau Field is a big deal, but the reality is no one in Green Bay really cares that much. The only thing the fans and players are going to be concentrating on is defeating the Vikings and keeping the playoff hopes alive.

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