Is Josh McCown Playing for a Permanent Starting Job with Chicago Bears?

By Michael Terrill
Is Josh McCown Playing for a Permanent Starting Job with Chicago Bears
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears really struggled to find a decent quarterback to be the permanent starter prior to the acquisition of Jay Cutler. In fact, one could make the case that the Bears would have enjoyed much more postseason success with a talented signal caller under center, especially with the dominant defense the team employed.

With Cutler’s contract up at the end of the season, some say Chicago would be foolish not to give him a long-term deal. To go through so many below-average quarterbacks for so long only to allow him to walk would be crazy. On the other hand, is backup quarterback Josh McCown currently playing for a permanent starting position with the Bears?

McCown has done an incredible job in place of the injured Cutler. He went into Lambeau Field on Monday Night Football and got a win against the Green Bay Packers. It’s an impressive win even if Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the contest in the first series. McCown then almost brought the Bears back against the Detroit Lions when Cutler was removed from the game. He also led the team to a much-needed overtime win in bad weather against the defending Super Bowl champions.

More importantly, McCown knows how to take care of the football as he has yet to throw an interception in 101 pass attempts this season. Ball security is the reason the Bears could struggle with the decision to keep McCown as the starter over Cutler above anything else. It’s no secret that the most successful teams in the league don’t turn the ball over. Cutler has had problems over the years keeping the possession from the other team as he seems to toss up takeaways when it matters most.

McCown has definitely seen his fair share of struggles in his 11 years in the league. However, it appears he has learned from his mistakes. There’s always the chance that he could be enjoying a stretch of games where he’s simply on fire. With that being said, does Chicago really want to risk it with both quarterbacks entering free agency in the offseason?

Obviously, Cutler’s overall numbers are better. The Bears would be signing their own death certificate if they allowed him to enter free agency without an offer. At the same time, it’s certainly something to think about as McCown continues to make starts.

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