Jerry Jones Gives Jason Garrett Vote of Confidence

By Michael Terrill
Jerry Jones Gives Jason Garrett Vote of Confidence
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

With a 5-5 record and second place in the weak NFC East division, the Dallas Cowboys are looking pretty good through the first 10 games of the season. In fact, since Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has put Dallas in a position to make the playoffs, owner Jerry Jones decided to give him a vote of confidence.

“We’re positioned to get in the playoffs,” Jones said, according to ESPN. “We see logically how to get in the playoffs. We have that, for all practical purposes, in our control. Now that’s a pretty good spot to be in after 10 games. A lot of this story is to be played out, but it does not have a bearing on whether or not he will be our coach next year. It has no bearing on that.”

When Jones was asked directly if Garrett will be the head coach of the Cowboys for the 2014 NFL season, he replied, “Yes.”

It’s not as if Garrett has done a spectacular job at the helm for Dallas. The Cowboys lost their last game in each of the last two seasons, which was directly responsible for them missing out on the playoffs. With that being said, Garrett does have an above .500 record and seems to handle the players well, even if Dez Bryant flies off the handle bars every now and then. More importantly, the coach appears to have a great relationship with quarterback Tony Romo.

Even though Jones has declared Garrett the head coach for next season, one has to wonder what would happen if the Cowboys went on a horrible losing streak. It’s certainly not outside the realm of reality to believe Dallas is capable of tanking down the stretch. For that reason, I have to imagine Garrett’s job isn’t set in stone. Jones is more or less trying to motivate his ball club with six games left in the regular season.

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