New York Giants, Hakeem Nicks Due To Break Out Against Dallas Cowboys

By Bryan Zarpentine
Hakeem Nicks
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It’s been a frustrating season for the New York Giants, who began the season by losing their first six games. However, with a four-game winning streak there are reasons to think that their season isn’t yet over and there’s still hope for a comeback in the weak NFC East. That’s especially true with a showdown against the rival Dallas Cowboys on tap for this weekend.

But for one player in particular the season has yet to turnaround, and that player is wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. Despite the team’s recent success, Nicks has just 42 receptions over the first 10 games of the season and has yet find the end zone, which sounds unthinkable for a player with 27 touchdowns over the first four years of his career. However, Nicks is bound to break out of his slump and find the end zone this week against the Cowboys as the Giants look to continue their winning streak.

The Giants finally started to look like a dangerous offensive team last week against the Green Bay Packers as their play was akin to what we expected from them heading into the season. Improved play from the offensive line and a decent running game means the Giants will be able to take more shots down the field, and that’s where Nicks comes into the equation. A more vertical passing game fits right into his strengths and should get Nicks more involved with the offense this week.

Moreover, the Cowboys are not set up to defend a vertical passing attack. DeMarcus Ware is struggling through an injury and won’t be as effective as a pass rusher which will allow Eli Manning to have more time to look deep for Nicks. Linebacker Sean Lee, an essential part of the Cowboys’ pass defense, will miss Sunday’s game which is a huge loss for them. Their defense disintegrated without him two weeks ago against the New Orleans Saints. The Dallas secondary is also banged up which could open up more space for Nicks to get open and make plays.

If Nicks can forget about how frustrating this season has been for him and stay focused on the task at hand he could be in for a big game on Sunday. The Giants are finally playing well and could be looking to do serious damage through the air this week. The Cowboys are in no position to defend an aerial attack with so many weapons, especially Nicks. It could all add up to a big game for Nicks and a big win for the Giants this week against the Cowboys.

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