New York Giants: Play Of Will Hill Has Improved Secondary

By Andrew Lecointe
Joe Camporeale — USA Today Sports

New York Giants safety Will Hill missed the first four games of the season due to a drug suspension. After returning, he was eventually able to overtake Ryan Mundy as the starting safety opposite Antrel Rolle. The result so far has been an improved secondary and a better defense.

In the first six games of the season, the Giants were giving up over 30 points a game. They had allowed over 30 points in each of the first five games. Hill was there for the last two of those games against the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears, but a noticeable improvement has been evident lately.

The Giants haven’t played the best of quarterbacks lately, so they will be tested going forward when they have to play Tony Romo, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson in the next month. Giants’ fans, however, have reason to be optimistic with their secondary. The addition of Hill hasn’t been the only bright spot.

The Giants have now gone with Trumaine McBride and Prince Amukamara as their corners, as Corey Webster has been dealing with injuries all year. Terrell Thomas, who’s playing after having his ACL repaired three times, has played effectively as a nickel corner. McBride and Amukamara have done their jobs well.

Let’s not forget Rolle, whose activity level has been better this year than it has been in past seasons. Rolle has made plays near the line of scrimmage and in the open field, which the Giants were unable to do in the 2012 season.

For now, the Giants’ secondary have reason to celebrate as they have helped the Giants get to 4-6 after starting out 0-6. However, the real test starts this Sunday. Can Hill be a factor going forward?

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