NFL: Peyton Manning Can Defeat Tom Brady

By Aydin Reyhan
P Manning
Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady … Enough said. When these two forces of QBs go head-to-head, someone always leaves a big impact on the game to win the big one. When Manning was back in Indiana playing for the Indianapolis Colts, he defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots en-route to his first and only Super Bowl ring.

Now, Manning will be facing Brady for the very first time ever as the leader of the Denver Broncos, but this game will be on Brady territory where he makes wonders happen week after week. Comparing the stats of these two would be unfair as both have their ups and downs, but there is one that is simply sensational: Manning has 50 game-winning drives whereas Brady is behind him all the way down at 32. These two are respectively in first and second when it comes to that category.

The offenses of both squads are stacked, but the defense of Denver is slightly superior to that of New England’s. Judging by how strong both sides are, defense can have a lot to say in this game as it could be the ultimate decider by the end of the fourth quarter.

Manning has been battling against ankle injuries, but he has still played through all of that pain to lead his team to recent victories. Brady, on the other hand, has been quite healthy, but after this past Monday’s controversial loss on the road against the Carolina Panthers, he will want to permanently delete any memories of that game by defeating one of the best teams in the business.

Prediction: Denver Broncos 30, New England Patriots 21

Brady will have three TD passes whereas Manning will have two with his defense doing the other half of the work to earn the huge road win.

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