Oakland Raiders Still Have No Face For Their Franchise

By Jesse Oakley
Ed Szczepanski- USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to put a single face to the Oakland Raiders these days. With Al Davis gone, seemingly a different coach every year, and no franchise quarterback, who really identifies with the Raiders?

Everyone thought that it was going to be Terrelle Pryor, the young quarterback that all of Raider nation put their faith in, the quarterback that was Davis’ final draft pick would lead the team through this turmoil and to victory. Now, it seems this has come into question because of rookie quarterback Matt McGloin‘s great first career start.

Is it Reggie McKenzie, the Raider’s new GM? He’s made some interesting draft picks for the Raiders so far, and it’s not likely he’ll be fired immediately, but will McKenzie get the chance to make a name for himself? Will he make the picks that the coaches will be able to mold into great NFL players?

There’s also the running back. Having an RB for a face can seem unusual, but think about Adrian Peterson. He’s definitely the face of the Minnesota Vikings. Darren McFadden has definitely made a name for himself on the Raiders, running for over 1,000 yards in 2010. McFadden has been riddled with injuries throughout his career though, and now he sits idle again in the last year of his contract. Even if McFadden does get to stay with the Raiders, Rashad Jennings is doing a good job of making Raider Nation forget he was ever there.

With no one key player, coach, GM or owner to revolve around, the Raiders as a whole are just a mass of faces. Eventually, someone will have to become that face and lead the team back to relevancy.

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