Oakland Raiders: Terrelle Pryor Experiment Could Be Over

By Robert Cooke
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the light of recent events, the Oakland Raiders may have figured out that flash isn’t everything. Second year quarterback Terrelle Pryor could be finding his way to the bench with the performance that undrafted rookie free agent Matt McGloin put up last week. The fact that head coach Dennis Allen has already committed to McGloin getting the start this weekend against the Tennessee Titans doesn’t make things look good for the highly athletic Pryor.

Lets get it straight, McGloin is the first Raiders quarterback this season to throw three touchdown passes in a single game. He didn’t exhibit the flash and raw athleticism that Pryor has, but he got the job done, and the Raiders came out with a victory last weekend against the Houston Texans.

McGloin is a traditional pocket passer with almost none of the physical ability that Pryor has, but he showed that he can play mistake-free football in his NFL debut, which is something that the Raiders have been lacking.

We’ve seen time and time again that quarterbacks who like to run the ball are more prone to not only making mistakes, but getting hurt. Pryor has been dinged up on multiple occasions this season because he can’t stay in the pocket. In order to win, the Raiders need consistency, and although McGloin has only gotten one start, he looked much better throwing the ball than Pryor has in any of the games he has gotten the opportunity to start in.

The Silver and Black need to abandon old ways and realize that raw athleticism doesn’t translate into wins.

McGloin proved after just one game that he may very well be the better fit for the job, and moving forward, it will be interesting to see the quarterback controversy unfold. But for the time being, it would be nice to see Oakland get some wins under their belt with this kid.

Pryor may not be the answer that the Raiders were looking for.

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