Tom Coughlin Proving He's One of All-Time Greats

By Christian Nelson
Tom Coughlin
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Every year, it seems as if ESPN and other sports media are throwing Tom Coughlin on the hot seat, stating that he is just getting too old and his “traditional” methods of coaching are too worn out for the modern day NFL.

And during those very same years, Coughlin shows that he can still win football games with his “old school” mentality.

Fans have seen time and time again Coughlin leading his troops to incredible wins when the New York Giants need it most. Though his teams sometimes start off on the wrong foot, or go on losing skids at the wrong time, Big Blue always finishes strong with proper game management and play calling, attributed to the coach.

From his days at Boston College, the Jacksonville Jaguars and now the Giants, Coughlin has always provided necessary motivation and patience, and those attributes have always helped his team end with wins each and every season.

Not only has he seen wide success during the regular season of the NFL, but also major postseason success as well.

Coughlin led the Jaguars (only their second year of existence at the time) to the AFC Championship Game, a season where he won the NFL Coach of the Year Award. Three years later, he returned to the AFC Championship Game with his Jaguars, a year where the team garnered a 14-2 regular season record.

Coughlin is a three-time Super Bowl Champion, twice as a head coach and once as an assistant coach, all with the Giants.

This man never gets the credit he deserves, and sports contributors continue to write him off. But every season, he proves everyone wrong, coaching his teams and providing a spark in the locker room and on the sidelines to motivate his team to victory.

His play calling is always right on point, and he rarely puts his team in bad position. His credentials speak themselves, and it’s time for fans and sports analysts alike to give Coughlin the respect he deserves.

By the time Coughlin retires from the NFL, he will surely be remembered for his two magnificent Super Bowl victories over the heavily favored New England Patriots‘ teams. But through his years as head coach for the Jaguars and Giants, he will also without a doubt go down as one of the greatest coaches of all time.

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