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Why a Healthy Santonio Holmes Can Truly Help New York Jets QB Geno Smith

Santonio Holmes

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a joke. Three interceptions and a forced fumble, Geno Smith looked like Mark Sanchez out there! There is hope for all my New York Jets fans, it’s Santonio Holmes.

“Really?” You may ask. Well, yes, I do believe that a healthy Holmes can be the best asset to Smith and the remainder of his rookie campaign.

Forget about Sunday and the loss. Forget about how Smith was pulled in the fourth quarter (the game was over already). Look at Smith’s arm and his ability to stand in the pocket and make the needed throw when he is patient. Now, you’re reading this and you’re probably criticizing the fact that Smith doesn’t have patience, and if he did, the Jets would not be in this position. Well, football is the true team sport, so let’s all take a step back and remember that for a second.

As all sports fans, it’s pretty much very easy to say that Stephen Hill is a bust. His benching is long overdue and the Jets are better off without him. Whether we’re talking about Jeremy Kerley or David Nelson, the next guy up may not have the height that Hill has, but he sure can catch the ball (psst… that’s the job of the wideout). Santonio (in a contract year) has been nursing himself slowly (stress on the slowly) back from injury. There was a time in which plenty of critiques would consider him one of the elite wideouts in the league. Since the last few years, being bitten by the injury bug has truly hurt his stature. It’s not to say that his image can’t be turned around.

Granted, Sunday was against the Buffalo Bills, but if you had a chance to watch Holmes in coverage, he had his breakaway speed. He had the opportunity to come back to the ball and help Smith on balls that he had underthrew. The key here is that Holmes has the ability to be elusive. He can shake corners and make catches (he did it in the Super Bowl). Of course, he is in a contract year, but his days in New York should not be numbered. There is still hope to have No. 10 on the field for the rest of the season to help Smith get some confidence back. He is clearly a better QB than Sanchez, but it’s time for him to step up and show it. Holmes has the ablility to make those crucial catches and help Smith’s confidence but in the pocket and throwing the ball.

Sunday will be a great test against a Baltimore Ravens‘ defense that is always a solid squad. Let’s see if they’re up for the challenge.


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