With NFC Slipping Away, Dallas Cowboys Need Tony Romo to Move Past Old Habits

By rodneygray
John David Mercer USA Today Sports

Tony Romo has been the poster child for underachieving in the NFL. He has set the gold standard  for disappointing fans and falling well short of expectations.  His team is in first place in the division and slowly falling apart at the seams.  All of the vocal leaders for the Cowboys are either injured or they are a shell of their former selves, and Dez Bryant is a ticking time bomb. The Dallas Cowboys have had a ridiculous amount of misfortune this year, and running back DeMarco Murray‘s injury-riddled past makes him somewhat of a liability.

Except for a few moments this season, Romo has been one of the more consistent Cowboy players. After receiving a $100 million extension from last year, it’s time for Romo to grab this season by the horns and finally lead the Cowboys in the way everyone imagines he can.  At times Romo can be one of the game’s most dynamic players.  With his ability to scramble and keep the play alive, Romo has all of the tools that it takes to be a successful NFL quarterback.

Unfortunately, Romo has been on the same plateau of success for the majority of his career. He’s been almost good enough his entire time as a Cowboy. Almost good enough was not good enough five years ago. Jerry Jones has committed to his guy and gave him the huge contract extension. The Cowboys’ defense is hanging on by a thread. It is time for Romo to finally live up to the hype that constantly surrounds him and the Cowboys. From the botched snap against the Seattle Seahawks years ago to the fourth quarter meltdown this year against the Denver Broncos, Romo has got to produce at a high level for the rest of the season starting this Sunday against the New York Giants. With everybody ready to completely write the Cowboys off and file 2013 as yet another season of disappointment, Romo has the chance to make some amends to the mistakes he has made in the past. Nothing makes people forget about your past like winning, and it’s time for Romo to start.

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