2014 NFL Draft: Oakland Raiders Need A High Draft Pick

By Jesse Oakley
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders still have plenty of holes to fill in this year’s NFL Draft, specifically on the offensive line. Whenever the Raiders get a high draft pick, they tend to trade it away like it’s poison. In truth, the Raiders aren’t going to get the talent they need to fill their holes unless they draft high.

If you’ve ever looked at the Raider’s draft list in history, you often see that greatness came a pick before theirs. So, why should they even bother picking high if this is what’s to come?

For one, talent is rarely found at the bottom. Most of the time, greatness comes in the form of a high draft pick with potential off the scale. Is the fear that the curse will continue? Will the Raiders accidentally draft another JaMarcus Russelesque player? This fear shouldn’t be existent, but recent history proves otherwise. Russel, Robert Gallery, Teyo Johnson, Bob Buczkowski, the list goes on. Only one of these players, Johnson, wasn’t drafted in the first round, and all of them busted big time.

So, what will it take for the Raiders to be bold and to get GM Reggie McKenzie to draft high? Well, certainly not looking at the past. What McKenzie needs is to find the best offensive linemen (their biggest problem) in the world and draft them. It’s time for the Raiders to stop hiding in their awful recent draft past, and start taking the chances necessary to build a team that can win on a consistent basis.

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