Johnny Manziel To Undoubtedly Be 2014 NFL Draft's Best Quarterback

By Christian Nelson
Johnny Manziel
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Heisman Trophy, Cotton Bowl MVP, 7,419 Yards, 86 Totals TD’s and a 70.5 percent Completion Percentage. No, this isn’t Cam Newton‘s stat line from Auburn. This is a Texas A&M quarterback’s statistics from just the last two seasons, and this season isn’t even over yet.

Now you may be saying, how is that even possible for an NCAA Division I Quarterback in the SEC? And even then, how in less than two seasons? With Johnny Manziel, anything is possible; he’s just that good.

From mock drafts around the league, you will find Louisville Cardinals’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater as the predicted No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. How come, you ask? Well, first off, Bridgewater has more of a typical frame for an NFL QB, as he is 6-foot-3, opposed to Manziel’s 6-foot-1.

However, in the same time span as Manziel, Bridgewater has compiled an impressive, but inferior, stat line of 6,766 Yards, 52 TD’s, 69.7 percent Completion Percentage and Sugar Bowl MVP. Those are definitely some incredible stats from the Cardinals quarterback, but let’s be honest, this is nothing compared to the Aggies’ Star. With less yards, TD’s, lower completion percentage, and no Heisman Trophy to speak of, it’s hard to see what is so great about Bridgewater that justifies his ranking in this years draft. On top of the inferior stats for Bridgewater, he is competing in the AAC, widely regarded as the “epitome of average.”

The argument that Manziel is “too small,” or that mobile quarterbacks cannot be successful on the next level just needs to be thrown away.

We are looking at a Rich-Man’s Russell Wilson, with the accuracy and arm strength of Drew Brees. Manziel is directly affilitated with these two NFL Stars, specifically because of their size and how they perform on the field.

Furthermore, the comparisons with Tim Tebow are just ridiculous. The only thing these two quarterbacks have in common is their mobility and the fact that they are not prototypically the size of the average NFL quarterback. The only reason Tebow wasn’t successful in the NFL is because he had absolutely no arm and couldn’t throw an accurate pass for his life. Turn on a Texas A&M game, and you’ll think you’re watching a fast version of Peyton Manning out there in Maroon and White (maybe not exactly Manning, but you get the point).

For the other “top” quarterbacks in next year’s draft class, there is no match for Manziel. AJ McCarron is a good game manager at best, Tajh Boyd thinks he is much more accurate than he is (and his game suffers immensely for it), and Marcus Mariota is arguably the most overrated player in College Football, and without his Oregon Ducks, he wouldn’t even be in this conversation.

Sports analysts need to forget about the ridiculous height “issue” for their predictions. Two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now are the exact same size as as Manziel, and neither have won the Heisman Trophy, let alone in their freshman year.

Manziel has the arm to make all of the throws on the next level, while also possessing perfect pocket awareness and speed to avoid sacks and pick up yardage on his feet when necessary. The mobile quarterback is the trend of the NFL right now, as some of the most successful teams in the league have one leading their team, and Manziel is the next great one.

We could very well be talking about an MVP candidate in Manziel in a few years, as he possess that much pure talent, and teams in this year’s draft must not sleep on this stud.

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