Mark Sanchez is Now Rocking Cornrows

By Andrew Fisher
Mark Sanchez
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Mark Sanchez is always in the news for one thing or another. Usually, it’s because of his lackluster play from the quarterback position or because he posed for some ridiculous photos in a magazine shoot. For whatever reason, people find the former New York Jets‘ signal caller fascinating. Well, the Sanchize has once again gone viral. This time, it’s because of his latest hairdo.

Check out these sweet cornrows:

Sanchez Cornrows

I think he should just rock the cornrows from now on. It’s a look that just works for him…

As far as Sanchez the QB is concerned, his career is on hold. After suffering a torn labrum in the preseason, the Sanchize initially tried to rehab his way back onto the field. But after several weeks and many doctor recommendations later, he finally gave in and had surgery. I believe it was the best decision he’s ever made.

Even though Geno Smith has had a rocky rookie season, he seems to be a guy the Jets can try out moving forward. If that’s the decision they make, releasing Sanchez will become a must. He isn’t owed another nickel of guaranteed money and it would just be the right time for the Jets to walk away.

Because of his absence this season, Sanchez’s stock hasn’t continued to plummet. He’s at least shown enough over his first four seasons to warrant a backup job with a team in need of QBs next season.


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