Philadelphia Eagles' Final Five Games To Determine Future Outlook

By Bob Francis
Chip Kelly
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, the outlook for the future of the Philadelphia Eagles looks positive based on the fact that they are supposedly in a rebuilding stage, yet they are contending for the NFC East division title. Many of the questions about the future surround current starting quarterback Nick Foles and his status as the franchise quarterback. Should the Eagles find the success their looking for in the final five weeks of the season, and Chip Kelly decides that the reins will belong to Foles for the foreseeable future, the outlook becomes clearer, the time frame more exciting, and the Eagles’ return to relevancy will be complete.

At the same time, should the Eagles hold on and gain the NFC East division title in Kelly’s inaugural season at the helm, the expectations that were already high upon his arrival will skyrocket. The Eagles will be expected to lead the division while continuing to add new pieces for the coming years. They’ll have tough decisions to make about how to improve both sides of the ball, yet keeping the mentality intact that allowed them to achieve so much so quickly.

The burden of finding a happy medium in free agency, as well as through the draft, will make the job of Kelly and the coaching staff that much more difficult going forward.

In 2013, the Eagles have been able to begin and rebuild a football culture that once existed as a strong entity in Philadelphia, continuing the tradition and making strides each year to the ultimate goal is what will be the most difficult part of moving forward from what the final five games may determine as a successful season.

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