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5 Reasons The New Orleans Saints Will Win The Super Bowl

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5 Reasons The New Orleans Saints Will Win It All

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The New Orleans Saints are one of the best teams in the NFL, that isn't a question. The question is, however, can they win it all?

The competition is fierce in the NFC. They have to face powerhouses like the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions. They could have to go through hot teams, who could be anyone at this point. We have seen the New York Giants come back before, and they are attempting to do just that right now. The Green Bay Packers are a completely different team once Aaron Rodgers is back, and he will eventually return. The same goes for the Chicago Bears and the Jay Cutler injury. The Carolina Panthers are in their own division, and have beaten some of the best teams in the league.

If the Saints got through the NFC all the way to the Super Bowl, then they have to go through an AFC powerhouse. Whether it is Tom Brady's New England Patriots, Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, or maybe some other team of destiny, it will be a tough test. The Saints have already fallen to two possible AFC playoff teams in the Patriots and the New York Jets. Will they be able to overcome that if they were to make it to the Super Bowl?

The Saints are one of the best teams in the NFL. They have a championship quarterback and coach combination, and they seem to have fixed whatever issues that came to be last season. This is the season they win it all again. These are the five reasons why the Saints will win the Super Bowl.

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5. Rob Ryan's Defense

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Last year, the Saints' defense was record-breaking bad. They couldn't stop a college team with how they were playing, but that is no longer the case. Their defense is ranked 13th in the league this season, they are tied for second in the league in forced fumbles, and they have a combined 25 interceptions and fumbles forced. Rob Ryan is the man to thank for all of the changes, and he is doing it with pretty much the same defense as last year. They have dealt with a ton of injuries for the season, and Ryan has been there to plug someone in. They aren't the most talented unit, but they know how to play the system.

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4. Jimmy Graham

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Jimmy Graham is up there with A.J. Green and Calvin Johnson as the most explosive players in the league. He is virtually unstoppable; he is sixth in the league in yards and tied for first in touchdowns, and provides the biggest matchup problems in the league. He is too fast for a linebacker to have any chance, as he is to nimble for a safety to keep with him. He is 6-foot-7, so he could pretty much jump higher than nearly anyone. At 265 pounds, there is no cornerback who can get physical with him. Just throw the ball up to him, and he will come down with it.

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3. Undefeated At Home

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The Saints have played six games at home so far, and they have yet to lose. The home field advantage of the Mercedes Benz Superdome has been well documented; they don't seem to lose big games while in the dome. Their first game is almost guaranteed to be at home unless the Panthers somehow steal the division from them. This could go one of many ways. Their next game against Seattle on Monday could decide home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If they can find a way to have every playoff game in New Orleans, then they could very well be unstoppable.

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2. They Are Battle Tested

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The Saints could possibly have the hardest schedule of any of the great teams. They have to play the hardest teams in the NFC throughout the season, as they could play the 49ers, the Cowboys, the Arizona Cardinals, the Panthers, the Bears, and the Seahawks. Barring any unexpected comebacks, besides the Philadelphia Eagles and the Lions, those are the only teams they could possibly face that they won't have already played. They even have a game against the Patriots, who they could play in the Super Bowl. They know what to do against all these teams, and so far, they have beaten most of them.

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1. Drew Brees

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It's Drew freaking Brees. He is one of the four elite quarterbacks in the league, and he is the only elite quarterback that is currently in the NFC and on the field. He has carried a team to the title once before, and he is finally ready to do it again. He is as motivated as ever after last year's debacle of a season, and could have the least amount of interceptions, since he won the title back in 2009. He is making more plays and less mistakes -- 28 touchdowns against eight interceptions tells all you need to know. He will officially be one of four quarterbacks in the league with two rings.