What Jacksonville Jaguars Need To Do To Beat Houston Texans

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Melina Vestola – USA Today Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars clearly don’t have high hopes for the reminder of the season.

Sitting at 1-9 and owners of the worst record in the NFL, the Jaguars are clearly assessing the team to see who can be a part of the rebuilding process that this franchise is currently undergoing.

But that doesn’t mean that they will tank the rest of the season. Rather, they will look to get a huge win against the Houston Texans, another disappointment this season.

The Texans were one of the best teams in the league last season, but now they’re nowhere near the level they had the past year. With star RB Arian Foster out for the year, inconsistencies at the QB with the struggles of Matt Schaub, and the lack of confidence the coach has on Case Keenum, as well as the departure of safety Ed Reed, the Texans have clearly struggled and the Jags could take advantage of this to get their second win of the year.

In order to make it, however, they need to be very accurate on the offensive side of the ball. Chad Henne hasn’t been able to throw for multiple TDs this season and this week might be the one when he finally does. While it’s true that the Texans defensive line are solid stopping the pass (they have the fewest yards allowed through the air), they are ranked 11th in TD received with 18. Look for Henne to throw the ball near the end zone as he looks to lead the Jags to a much-needed win.

Maurice Jones-Drew is the star of the team and he will need to be very accurate with his running if he wants to create something against Houston. Despite rushing for only 23 yards, MJD managed to score last week against the Arizona Cardinals and he will need to repeat a performance like that for Jacksonville to have a chance.

The Jags are clearly a team that doesn’t have many resources on either side of the ball. But if they already pulled off a win against the Tennessee Titans, they could defeat the Texans if they’re able to be accurate on offensive.

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