Can Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice Sustain Success For Rest Of Season?

By Wola Odeniran
Ray Rice
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice finally broke out of his slump against the Chicago Bears with 131 yards rushing, his first game this season with at least 100 yards on the ground.

But in the Ravens’ win against the New York Jets, Rice only rushed for 30 yards on 16 carries. The fact of the matter is that the Ravens’ offensive line isn’t stable enough to keep the running lanes open for a long period of time, especially not against a Jets’ defense which came into Week 12 as the no. 1 ranked run defense in the NFL.

When you are having the same struggles you had at the beginning of the season going into Week 12, things just won’t change much. The Ravens will have to go with what they have. They can’t seriously expect a Dennis Pitta return to cure the running game. What the Ravens are dealing with in the running game is chronic, and they will have to go into the offseason addressing the entire offense in a serious manner.

The issues on offense are bigger than Rice. The way the Ravens’ offense is currently constructed from a personnel standpoint might be very different entering the 2014 season.

The questions about whether Rice is done physically will remain in question throughout the season, but I still believe he has a good amount left in the tank. It would be unfair to judge Rice based off the pathetic blocking by the Ravens’ offensive line at times. Rice is still a quality player. But his time as a Raven will be judged down the road and not now.

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