Disaster in New Jersey: New York Giants Fall To Dallas Cowboys

By Christian Nelson
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Entering the 4:25 game on Fox’s “Game of the Week”, The New York Giants were heavily favored to defeat the rival Dallas Cowboys, but after this game, it was surely a different story.

It’s hard to say that the Cowboys out-played the Big Blue, but credit must be given to Tony RomoDez Bryant and the ‘Boys defense for their play in the big NFC East matchup.

However, what truly defeated the streaking Giants was surprisingly, themselves.

Eli Manning looked absolutely atrocious against the NFL‘s worst defense. He overthrew targets, was drastically off with his receivers and just looked terribly confused and intimated the entire game.

As well, penalties destroyed the Giants on Sunday, and mostly due to the teams “aggressive” approach to playing their rival. On many occasions, players on Big Blue decided to get into unnecessary scuffles with the Cowboys’ players, and for no reason. I understand that it was a big game with large stakes against a division foe, but there is no excuse for how the Giants handled themselves on Sunday afternoon.

The defense, somewhat surprisingly, allowed Romo to play as a good quarterback, while giving him incredible time in the pocket and wide-open receivers on multiple occasions. The run defense was successful for the most part, but the pass defense struggled from beginning to end.

The Giants play-calling was just horrible. There were many instances, if called correctly, that could have resulted in scoring opportunities, but were taken away from stupid decisions from Tom Coughlin & Co.

Third and 10 in the redzone and the coaching staff elects to run it up the middle. What? Going for it on a fourth and long in field-goal range. Really guys? I could go on and on with more confusing play calls, but there is no way it could fit onto this page.

Sunday afternoon was a complete disaster, and the sad realization of it all is, unfortunately, this could be the end of the Giants run to the playoffs. After losing to the Cowboys, an NFC East team, the Giants would have to win out the rest of the way, while also praying the Philadelphia Eagles and Cowboys have a major meltdown to finish the season.

Though not impossible due to these team’s track records, it is highly unlikely that the Giants can squeeze into the postseason after dropping in the standings on Sunday, courtesy of themselves.

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