Geno Smith Is Not Future Quarterback Of The New York Jets

By Jonathan Peralta
Mitch Stringer-USA Today Sports

The New York Jets have been searching for a quarterback that could lead them to glory for a very long time. They haven’t had one since Joe Namath led the Jets organization to their lone Super Bowl win back in 1969.

The team was close with Vinny Testaverde, had a chance with Brett Favre until he suffered a torn bicep later in the 2008 season, and thought they had finally landed one when they drafted Mark Sanchez in the 2009 NFL Draft. Sanchez gave the Jets hope when he led the Jets to back-to-back AFC championships in his first two seasons (with a lot of help from the defense and the run game), but then … well, we know the rest.

The Jets organization grew tired of the turnover-prone quarterback, so they drafted a quarterback in 2013 draft. Enter Geno Smith.

The Jets drafted the quarterback out of West Virginia with hopes that he would be the new golden boy that would finally lead them to the promised land. After a very up-and-down season, I questioned whether or not Smith was the Jets’ quarterback of the future. Well, 12 weeks into the season, it appears that we have an answer — and that answer is a ‘no’.

It has been very Jekyll and Hyde for Smith as he’s taken his team and their fans on a roller coaster ride; and because of his mistakes, the Jets are 5-6 — including an embarrassing loss today to the Baltimore Ravens.

Once again, Smith looked helpless against a team with a pass rush, unable to help his team produce anything on offense. The quarterback didn’t have more than four completions for the first 55 minutes, and those four completions gained a whopping 42 yards. He finished the game with two more interceptions, bringing his interception total to 18 (21 turnovers in total).

Through 11 games, Smith has thrown for 2,227 yards, eight touchdowns (last touchdown coming in Week 7) while completing only 55 percent of his passes. The Jets didn’t go into the 2013 draft in hopes of picking another turnover-prone quarterback. The Jets want a quarterback that can find ways to win, put up numbers and lead the team to glory. Smith has shown that he is not capable of doing any of that.

The quarterback has some major flaws: he drops too far back, he doesn’t go through his progressions and gets rattled easily when he feels the pressure or gets hit. At times, Smith looks like he throws the ball just to avoid getting hit.

That doesn’t sound like a franchise quarterback, does it?

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