Pre-Game Tweets Could Be Detrimental To New York Giants' Preparation

By Chris Machin
Giants Cowboys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a divisional tie and a heated rivalry that stretches back decades. Naturally, everybody wants to have their say.

It’s all very well releasing comments to the media that are intended to spur on your own teammates, but this is an art form and something that, if you’re not smart about it, could end up having an adverse effect on your preparation. How, I hear you ask? Well, if you talk too much or say the wrong things, you risk doing the opposition coaches’ jobs for them.

What a difference a month can make. The New York Giants‘ personnel have had plenty to say this week; rejuvenated defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has led the charges, he described the importance of the contest as being “like a Super Bowl,” whilst also warning that “blood will be spilled” in a pre-game press conference on Friday afternoon. On the other end of the defensive-line, Justin Tuck told the press that this Sunday’s game was “going to be a barn-burner.”

These sort of comments are relatively safe, as they show an air of confidence whilst at the same time remaining respectful of the fact that there will be another team out on the field for whom the feelings are mutual.

In such an intense environment, especially given what is riding on the game in the tightly-contested NFC East, everybody feels the need to give their input. However, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin may be wishing that some of his players had just kept their comments to themselves. For example:

This cringe-worthy notion came from Giants tight end Brandon Myers, someone who has been largely disappointing in 2013. Whilst the comments from JPP and Tuck may have resonated with the Dallas Cowboys‘ roster, such emasculating taunts like that of Myers serve only to motivate the opposition.

With just hours to go until the biggest game of the year for both teams, the time for talking is over. In Myers’ case, it should never have begun.

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