Rashad Jennings Poised To Become Permanent RB For Oakland Raiders

By Jesse Oakley
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

With Darren McFadden still out with a hamstring injury, Rashad Jennings is taking full advantage of the opportunity to be the Oakland Raiders‘ permanent running back. Jennings currently has 340 yards in just his last three games, and has been averaging 6.0 yards per carry in those last three games.

Jennings spent three years on the Jacksonville Jaguars, not playing in 2011 due to a concussion and knee injury suffered in preseason. He’s currently rushed for more yards total on this season than any individual season he spent with the Jaguars. Jennings currently has 480 total yards on the season on 93 carries with two touchdowns. It’s also only Week 12 in the NFL, giving Jennings plenty of time to amass plenty of yards.

Even if McFadden finds a way to get healthy in time for a couple of games, it sure doesn’t look like Jennings is going to be giving up the starting position. Dennis Allen would be smart to keep Jennings in at running back for several reasons.

First off, Jennings has proven he isn’t injury-prone, which is huge for the Raiders. Secondly, he has a higher yards per carry average, 5.2, than McFadden has had in a while. Finally, Jennings is currently in his prime, while McFadden has yet to hit his prime. It sounds like a con against Jennings, but when you remember that McFadden constantly gets injured and hasn’t rushed for over 1,000 yards since 2010, it’s more of a pro.

Jennings has what it takes to be a permanent starter in the NFL. With McFadden in the last year of his contract and Jennings lighting up defenses as of late, it seems that Run DMC is on his way out, and Jennings is on his way in.

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