Some Baltimore Ravens Fans Should Stop Acting Spoiled

By Wola Odeniran
Baltimore Ravens Fans
Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

You know, tapping into the pulse of the Baltimore Ravens‘ fan base, it is almost split in terms of the perception of the team at this point. Yes — split for a team just coming off a Super Bowl victory last February. It is a little shocking, but if you have known the Ravens’ fan base as long as I have, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

There are quite a few within Ravens nation who are still bashing Joe Flacco is if he has contributed nothing to the team since he entered the league in 2008. Some Ravens fans consider running back Ray Rice washed up. Others want defensive tackle Haloti Ngata gone. A small segment of the Ravens’ fan base already wants head coach John Harbaugh fired.

It has really become a joke, and some of these Ravens fans are giving the rest of the fan base a bad name. Talk about spoiled brats.

I guess the Ravens having two Super Bowl trophies in 14 seasons, along with 14 playoff wins and nine playoff appearances aren’t good enough for some fans. It has really gotten to the point where some Ravens fans are just plain stupid. I know every fan should expect great things from the Ravens, but can we be realistic? The Ravens can’t make the playoffs every year. They have made the playoffs six times in the last seven years, and some fans act like it means nothing.

Some Ravens’ fans don’t know how lucky they have it. The Ravens are 5-6, but would it hurt for some fans to have support in the team instead of looking for players and coaches to leave?

After all, they are the defending Super Bowl champions.

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