Someone Needs To Step Up in Baltimore Ravens' Slot

By Jermaine Lockett
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Now that the decision not to activate Dennis Pitta has been made, the Baltimore Ravens turn their minds back to relying on the same receiving corps they’ve had all season.  Other than Torrey Smith, who will be the guy to step up for the Ravens tomorrow? My money is on the healthy slot receiver.

The reason I didn’t put a name to the position is because there are three players who play the slot for our guys. Two of them in my opinion are solid receivers who deserve to be on the field. One of them however, needs to call it a career and hang up the cleats forever.

With Anquan Boldin no longer donning the “black and purple”, the Ravens assumed they would have issues being able to play guys across the middle of the field. Little did the Ravens know, the real issue is with the O-Line and the run game, and not the receivers. Whenever Flacco puts a ball on target, these gentlemen have delivered for the most part. With that said, lets talk Stokley.

Brandon Stokley has been a waste of space as I have mentioned before because he has been a non-factor due to injury since week two. As players get up there in age injuries are bound to happen and Baltimore should have known better than to re-sign someone north of 35 to play as a starter in this league. Fans claim he was there for mentor-ship or whatever, but let’s be real here, Stokley was brought in to start for this team and it was honestly a bad move by Ozzie Newsome. Now before all of Ravens Nation comes down on me like rain for dissing the “Wizard”, I’ll move on to our next guy.

Tandon Doss seems very capable in the slot minus a couple of critical third down conversions that he missed last week against the Chicago Bears. What fans fail to realize is that Doss was dealing with winds of 60 mph and he still led the team in receptions. I think he should get a pass on a couple of drops as did everyone else. In my opinion, he is the best man for the job but I know there are many who will debate me on this topic forever.

Last but certainly not least, the Georgia product Marlon Brown. He could stand to eat a bit more. Increased weight on that 6’5” frame could definitely help with his endurance. However, this TD monster is doing just fine when healthy. He currently leads the team with five TDs on the year as a rookie. Brown can play inside or outside and if the connection continues to grow between him and Joe Flacco, you better believe the rook will get more looks on third down.

As long as Brown or Doss are in the slot Sunday, I have full confidence in Joe Flacco’s ability to find one of them. Should Stokley be active Sunday, I feel that he will pull valuable reps away from our two stars Doss and Brown which might determine the course of the game.  Lets just hope his “probable” injury designation once again lands him on the inactive list again against the New York Jets.

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