Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo is Still Tony Romo in the 4th Quarter

By Tony Tranghese
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys to a go-ahead field goal as time expired to beat the New York Giants. It is no secret that the jury is still out on Romo. He has the numbers to prove that he is among the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL, but the problem is Romo is notorious for making bad decisions and giving games away in the fourth quarter. Throughout the last drive against the Giants I was going back and fourth with my followers on twitter. I was convinced that the game was going to end the way so many Cowboys games have ended in the past with Romo throwing a pick-six and watching the Giants walk into the end zone to win by a touchdown with just a few seconds remaining.

Romo just doesn’t have the clutch gene. He is too good at beating himself. The way that NFL fans expect Tom Brady to come back in the fourth quarter is the same way we expect Romo to give the game away. I would take Romo as my quarterback for the first three quarters of a game any day of the week, but if the game is going down to the wire  give me someone else. Anyone else. Yesterday’s game was a big step in the right direction for both Romo and the Cowboys. I just wonder if its to late for Romo. He has had this stigma attached to him for so long. Can one moment of brilliance and one defining drive actually change opinions on his entire career?

I think fans are with me on this one. Tony Romo is still Tony Romo. The next time he has the ball with two minutes remaining in a tie game I fully expect him to throw an interception.

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