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Dez Bryant and the Top 15 NFL Players Who Are Flat-Out Jerks

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Dez Bryant and the NFL's 15 Biggest Jerks

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know by now, Dez Bryant isn't the nicest guy in the NFL. In fact, on most Sunday afternoons and evenings you can find him verbally taking it to opponents and even teammates. The most infamous moment of Bryant's career thus far was his sideline rant during a game versus the Detroit Lions in which he apparently went off at Jason Witten on the sidelines after being visibly upset with the score.

While Bryant may be a jerk to teammates and opponents alike, there are far more players in the NFL today that can be in the same category as Bryant -- some even worse than he is. Every sport has jerks that people have a hard time liking and the NFL is no different. In a sport where it's these guys' jobs to put the hurt on people and hit other players for a living, there are bound to be some bad apples.

I'm sure everyone remembers Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. Sometimes receivers have the tendency to become arrogant athletes who are known for being jerks. Owens was very egocentric, even giving an interview in his driveway while working out with his shirt off. Moss was always known as a guy who wasn't afraid of speaking his mind, especially about how he was going to pay for his fines, which he responded, "Straight cash, homie."

Yes, the NFL isn't exactly the cleanest sport in terms of jerks and athletes who you cannot stand. There are players in the league who are there solely on talent and not talent and personality. Some players' off-field issues are too much for some teams to handle as guys are constantly under the spotlight for being terrible people.

Some guys are jerks on the field and others are jerks off the field. Here's a combined list of the 15 biggest jerks in the NFL.

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Honorable Mention: Chad Johnson

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Johnson, former Chad Ochocinco, is an honorable mention on this list because he technically no longer plays in the NFL. He was arrested on domestic abuse charges in 2012 after he head-butted his wife during an argument. Not cool, Chad.

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15. Mike Wallace

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Mike Wallace can be on this list for one main reason. In case you don't recall or just don't know, he made some extremely insensitive remarks toward homosexual people on Twitter.

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14. Aqib Talib

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Talib has had conduct issues since he entered the NFL in 2008 when he got into a physical altercation with fellow rookie teammate at the rookie symposium. A year later, he assaulted a taxi driver and resisted arrest. Two years after the assault, he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after firing a gun at his sister's boyfriend. He has been known to be extra physical with receivers as well.

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13. Roddy White

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How can you not be a jerk if you lash out at fans on Twitter, calling them "peasants". Oh, and what about the fact that he defended Aldon Smith for his DUI, stating that most former players have done the same thing. Don't forget the fact he told the jurors of the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case to go kill themselves. Nice guy.

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12. Antonio Cromartie

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Cromartie has fathered 12 children with eight different women and he had to receive a $500,000 advance from the New York Jets in 2010 in order to cover outstanding child support payments. Come on, man.

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11. Steve Smith

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The ultimate trash talker has no problem telling you what's on his mind while getting in the face of defenders. Many cornerbacks would agree that he's a cocky jerk.

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10. Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports/Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I know these two aren't players, but these former players and current coaches are just too good to leave off this list. These are the two most fiery and most hated coaches in the NFL today. Both have tendencies to rub people the wrong way with their abrasive attitude and sometimes they even make each other angry in post-game handshakes.

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9. Dominic Raiola

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Dominic Raiola has been known to be a verbal bully. He has been known for talking trash to opponents, yelling at teammates, verbally abusing the University of Wisconsin's marching band and flipping off his own fans. Not a very well-liked guy.

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8. Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant is just a hot-head. He is usually caught yelling at teammates -- even if it's positive sometimes-- and it has become a distraction to the team. He was also arrested in 2012 with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for allegedly striking his biological mother.

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7. Adam "Pacman" Jones

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Adam "Pacman" Jones has a history of hitting women and that's not okay in anyone's books. That deserves the top spot on a list like this.

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6. James Harrison

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Some call him aggressive, others call him a dirty player. His hits alone make him a jerk -- along with his death stare. Is he dirty? You be the judge.

WARNING: This video may contain slight profanity.

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5. Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler is known as being insensitive and not caring what comes out his mouth. Don't forget the fact that he has been known to suffer outbursts at teammates.

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4. Michael Vick

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Michael Vick was involved in a dog-fighting crime in which he hosted dog-fighting events at his residence in Virginia. Yeah, not something that will earn you brownie points with fans, Mike.

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3. Ben Roethlisberger

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Roethlisberger has been involved in a couple sexual assault cases and even received a letter from Roger Goodell telling him that he needed to be a better role model.

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2. Richie Incognito

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Incognito bullied Jonathan Martin out of the NFL -- maybe for good. However, he's always been known for his issues on and off the field and he was even voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by his peers in 2009.

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1. Ndamukong Suh

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Suh has been known very well for his dirty hits -- and for good reason. He may be the dirtiest player in the league, effectively making him a jerk.