Green Bay Packers’ Players Didn’t Know Overtime Could End with a Tie

By Michael Terrill
Green Bay Packers’ Players Didn’t Know Overtime Could End with a Tie
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The assumption is that every player in the NFL knows which teams play in which divisions and, more importantly, the rules of the game. However, there is a good chance the questionable play calling by the Green Bay Packers in overtime was due to the fact that they weren’t fully aware that a NFL game could end in a tie.

That’s right Packer nation, there were actually sever players on the team that were shocked to see the game come to an end at the conclusion of the 15-minute overtime.

Sports Illustrated football writer Robert Klemko tweeted the following after Green Bay’s Week 12 contest against the Minnesota Vikings:

“This is nothing new but still hard to believe: I heard multiple Packers admit they expected a second overtime, didn’t know they could tie.

“One of the Packers who didn’t know OT rules was starting TE Andrew Quarless: ‘I thought we was gonna go to another overtime. I never knew.’”

Like many Packers’ fans, I truly couldn’t understand the lack of urgency on Green Bay’s final drive in overtime. In all honestly, the play calling in overtime in general was questionable, but it was the final drive that was the real head scratcher.

It was as if the Packers were perfectly content in ending the game in a tie against an opponent that has only won two games all season. To make matters worse, the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears both lost on Sunday, which means Green Bay would have been tied for first place in the division.

I completely understand that a tie is far better than a loss. However, would it have really hurt for quarterback Matt Flynn to air it out and see what happens instead of letting the seconds hopelessly tick off the clock?

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