Peyton Manning Proves He is Still Second Best to Tom Brady

By Aaron Charles

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most annoying sports arguments you can hear is the ‘Super Bowl rings’ argument. Someone having more rings than another player is not an end-all argument for why that player is better. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson, each have a ring, and they were definitely not better quarterbacks than the ring-less Dan Marino.

Tom Brady is not a better quarterback than Peyton Manning because he has three rings to Manning’s one. It definitely helps Brady’s case, but it isn’t everything. They’ve had different supporting casts, coaches, offensive lines, offensive weapons and defenses. You never know what a player would do in another’s situation. That being said, after 14 years in the league together, I think you have enough evidence to call it one way or another.

In their 14th meeting on Sunday night, Brady led the New England Patriots for their 10th win versus Manning-led teams. With the game heading into overtime, how many people would honestly put their money on a Manning-led team over a Brady-led team? The fact that the vast majority of fans would pick Brady without thinking twice is a much stronger piece of evidence than the Super Bowl rings argument.

Say what you will about the crazy muffed-punt ending, the fact is Brady got it done again and Manning didn’t. Manning’s career numbers can’t be denied, but everyone knows in the clutch, Brady is the man you want. After overcoming a 24-point deficit to get an enormous win, Brady proved he’s still the man, and he’ll prove it again.


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