What We Learned: Buffalo Bills vs. the Bye Week

By Ryan Womeldorf
Fred Jackson
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills were off this past Sunday using the bye week to get healthy and hopefully to go into next week at 100 percent geared up for a late push towards the final AFC wild card.

There wasn’t much to report from the bye, at least not yet, and we hope guys like C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods are all rested up and healthy. They’ll need everyone if they’re going to rattle off a winning streak – the first in a great many fortnight for the Bills – and make their presence known as a team to be reckoned with.

Still, we did learn a few things:

Bye Weeks Come In Handy

Originally, I was kind of sad that the Bills weren’t playing. With no Bills game and nothing to root for in fantasy football this week (I’ve already made the playoffs), I really had no reason for caring about that day (other than hoping the Browns lose now and forever).

I expected a lazy, boring day filled with naps, but instead it ended up being productive and fun. A nice lunch followed by some early (for me) Christmas shopping killed off most of the day. It ended with my fiancée and I watching WWE Survivor Series (yeah, I’m a wrasslin’ fan, what of it?) while enjoying some chicken wings.

Not a bad way to spend the bye.

Toronto Bound

Jon Bon Jovi is very potentially an evil, evil man who will make Bills fans cry. Why? Because he is leading a group out of Toronto that has every intention of buying the franchise the second owner Ralph Wilson, 95, croaks.

They’d never move the Bills out of town, would they? It’s not likely, but the threat always looms. Buffalo is used to having bad things happen to the town and the teams they root for, so it will always be there.

Interesting to note: Though a corporation cannot own an NFL franchise they can finance and own a stadium. So who is Bon Jovi getting friendly with north of the border? Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, who would fund the new stadium if the team did move.

I see you, Mr.Bon Jovi. I see you.


Surprise, surprise: Spiller is being underutilized. Anyone watching the Bills this season could tell you that. Sure, he’s been bothered by an ankle injury for most of this season, but his name has been missing from the injury report for a little while now. So what gives?

Maybe we all have unrealistic expectations for Spiller and what he means to this offense. And by “we” I mean “fantasy football owners” (I stupidly took him in my $.50/point league where I’d be crushing if not for him and Houston’s tight end situation). We were all hoping he’d be the workhorse by now getting 25 touches per game and racking up crazy numbers as we dance with glee.

Maybe now it’s time to realize that Spiller is always going to be a part of a platoon. He’s inferior to Jackson as a receiver and blocker, and while Jackson isn’t going to hit the home run he’s less likely to lose yardage.

Spiller is a boom-or-bust back that’s kept fresh by sharing the load. Perhaps that’s all he’ll ever be.

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