Ray Lewis Makes Ridiculous Comments About Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco

By Dan Abeshouse
Ray Lewis
Andrew Weber-USA Today Sports

Whether he wanted to or not, Ray Lewis has put himself back in the limelight. The former warrior linebacker-turned-ESPN talking head had some despairing remarks about his former Baltimore Ravens teammate Joe Flacco. When asked about Flacco’s struggles during this 2013 season, Lewis had this to say:

“When I was playing with Joe Flacco, [he] was making these same mistakes back then, but our defense always found a way to bail him out.”

I have no problem with Lewis criticizing Flacco for his play this year. Flacco has thrown a career-high 14 interceptions still with another six games to play. There’s also some truth that the defense of the Ravens have had to carry to load while Flacco was around, especially in his first two years.

The problem with Lewis’ statement, though, is the word “always” — he just had to say always. I guess Lewis didn’t remember last year. I guess he didn’t remember Flacco and the offense carrying the team to regular season wins against the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, games where the defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed.

Perhaps Lewis also forgot about Flacco bailing out the defense in the Divisional Playoff game against the Denver Broncos. Yeah Ray, you sure bailed out Joe during the Super Bowl when Vernon Davis was making you look like you belong in a retirement home.

I understand the comments though. ESPN pays Lewis a nice salary to talk and try to create a buzz about certain things, I get that. But, he just had to use the word ‘always’. If Lewis said the defense had to bail him out ‘a lot’ instead of always, I would have been cool with that. Lewis is a legend in Baltimore and always will be, but comments like this hurt the team and makes Lewis look like he’s starved for attention (he might be).

Stick with the motivational stuff Ray, it suits you better.

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