Time for Robert Griffin III to Sit and Get Healthy

By Michael Terrill
Time for Robert Griffin III to Sit and Get Healthy
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is not himself this much is obvious. The signal caller is having a rough go at it this season and it’s a direct result of Washington’s 3-8 record. The fact that he’s not 100 percent healthy has a lot to do with it, which is why the Redskins must seriously consider sitting him and getting him healthy for next season.

Griffin not suiting up for the preseason and rushing back for Week 1, even though he probably wasn’t ready, is a huge reason why things aren’t going the way the fans in Washington expected. Defenses have caught on to the pistol offense and he simply isn’t able to run on opponents as he did during his Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign.

Redskins’ fans aren’t the only ones who notice Griffin has no business being on the field at this point in the season. San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks, who had his way with Washington’s offense on Monday Night Football, felt the need to comment on what he witnessed during the contest.

“He’s obviously a man and he makes his own decisions, but I personally don’t feel he should be playing right now,” Brooks said, according to CSN Washington.

“He’s a man, he has the heart of a warrior and is going to go out there and play regardless of the circumstance,” Brooks added. “Everybody can see it. Everybody can see it. He shouldn’t be playing.”

Griffin’s 2,841 passing yards are on pace to break the 3,200 he recorded last season, but that’s the only statistic worth mentioning in a positive light. He has thrown double the interceptions (11) and his 59.9 completion percentage is 5.7 percent lower than last year’s. The real eye-opener is his 367 total rushing yards, zero rushing touchdowns, 11 total fumbles and only 17 first downs picked up on the ground.

It’s easy to point the finger and talk about how the Redskins never should have started Griffin in Week 1. At this point, the organization should make up for a past mistake and rest the franchise’s star player. The playoffs aren’t going to happen, which means there’s no point in Griffin taking numerous hits when he already isn’t completely healthy.

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